How To Execute The Skyscraper Technique?

How To Execute The Skyscraper Technique?

Content is created by people, and you must stand out from the crowd. That is the essence of skyscraper content. It’s not just about the content. More than any other small piece of content, it needs to be noticed, shared, and produce results. To stand out, make your content as large as a skyscraper with 40, 50, or more stories.

One of the most well-known techniques is the skyscraper technique. Everything else you require must be in close proximity to you. Bigger and better, more informative, with more details, videos, photos, and links to additional information. When you do this, your content will undoubtedly gain traction on the internet.

Let us now walk you through the process of creating Skyscraper content, as this may become your new favourite link-building strategy.

What Is The Skyscraper Technique?

For building high-quality backlinks, the skyscraper technique is the most straightforward and, in most cases, effective content creation method. Skyscrapers strive for timeless content pages with a minimum word count of 1,500 words that target a specific variable search term or hot topic. This type of in-depth content has been shown to increase traffic, shares, and backlinks. The skyscraper technique is a method for converting low-quality backlinks into high-quality ones.

Implementing The Skyscraper Technique

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a skyscraper blog or piece of content.

Finding Content

Important Topics

You’ll always need a tool when looking for a topic. You can make use of SEMrush, Ahrefs, or any other research tool. And then look for posts that are specific to your topic. Make sure you keep note of the referring domain to see what backlinks are going to be the most popular in this post and then contact them later. Keep track of these domains in a spreadsheet so we can reach out to them later.

Skyscraper content, like skyscraper buildings, should be large enough to be appealing. It is something that will astonish people. Your skyscraper content has to answer your target audience’s questions, assist a buyer on their journey, and earn the right to be linked to by others.

Boring Topics

Because they were created for a specific niche, most online topics can be uninteresting to many people. However, just because a subject is dull doesn’t mean it has to be boring. People come in a variety of personalities and come in a variety of colours. No viewer wants to read a ten-thousand-word massive skyscraper content that contains only superficial information. You will pique their interest by adding a little flavour with playful language and descriptions. Make short sentences that readers can easily understand.

Create Something Better With Your Resources


You can begin drafting your own content with these target posts in mind. Keep in mind that your post must outperform existing content because you are competing against a specific competitor. Your content must persuade your audience that yours is superior to the others and that they should link to your blog post instead of the others. Give your content more depth; you’ll need some hooks to make it stand out from the crowd of other articles or blogs.

Focus On Headlines

We often pay more attention to the headlines than the subheads. It’s not wrong, but keep in mind that every word counts. Your subheads should sound as if you’re giving the reader advice or suggestions. If you’re sticking with an SEO-focused section, your subhead should be more descriptive.

Make It Worthy

Create a worthwhile long-form piece – Producing high-quality content is a given, but skyscrapers should be at the top of the list. Longer content will consume more of your reader’s time. As a result, your skyscraper content shouldn’t be judged solely on its word count; it should also provide useful information and be visually appealing.

Sharing Content


You can now publish your content or blog once you’ve finished it. Off-page SEO takes place in this area. You’ll publish your blog post, then reach out to these other blogs via email and ask them to link to your post instead of the other one. Persuading others may take a lot of effort and courage.

Public Outreach

Email is one of the most effective ways to communicate with people. Email outreach is a great way to build a skyscraper, but you must avoid spamming every blogger you know. Make contact with those who are already familiar with the content you’ve improved.

Keep Growing

The reason behind creating a skyscraper content mission is to create a better piece than anyone else, just like architects never stop building and innovating. Retarget your keywords and rebuild the skyscraper if your content isn’t ranking. Continue to develop, experiment, and innovate with the skyscraper technique.

How To Attract Traffic To Your Website?

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

It is advantageous to have knowledge of SEO and how pages are ranked on Google. To drive more traffic organically and without breaking the rules, find the right keywords and use on-page and off-page SEO effectively.


Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are well-known social media platforms that will connect you with people all over the world. And this is the new primary method of traffic generation.

Email Marketing

As previously stated, promoting yourself via email marketing or email outreach will increase traffic to your page. Begin by compiling a list of people to email.

Mobile Usability

People nowadays browse the web using their mobile phones, so make sure your site is mobile friendly.

Final Thoughts

Before constructing a skyscraper, a great deal of research, planning, and effort is required. Do not devote a small amount of time to writing. It takes time for good things to happen. It must, after all, be indexed and ranked. When done correctly, skyscraper content marketing is a powerful way to grow your business. You don’t have to jump on the bandwagon to be successful. Create valuable and informative content that will pique your audience’s interest. If you haven’t tried skyscraper content yet, now is the time to set yourself apart from the crowd.

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